DT Film Club: The Four Year Plan

How about we do some occasional movie recommendations? Sound good? Good. 

I think we all tend to assume that the inner workings of a football club owned by extremely successful businessmen can’t possibly be as dramatic and ridiculous as the papers make it out to be. But sometimes it is.

The Four Year Plan documents one such instance in stunning fashion. Given unprecedented access to the inner workings of QPR shortly after being saved from financial ruin by a new ownership group led by Flavio Briatore, director Mat Hodgson was able to film (and then actually release!) four years worth of unvarnished footage all with the club’s blessing. 

The film is filled with the kinds of moments that you would dismiss as too unbelievable if it were a work of fiction — most of which are perpetrated by Briatore, who almost comes off as if he’s actually trying to be the human embodiment of every terrible football club owner cliche. 

Even if you’re familiar with QPR’s fortunes from 2007-2011, seeing it from the perspective the film provides is an invaluable insight for fans of any club. Watch it.